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    What is vasectomy?

    It is the contraceptive method with the highest safety margin.

    It is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

    Before having a vasectomy you must be sure that you do not want to have a child in the future.

    It is considered a permanent method of control, however, it can be reversed if performed by expert surgeons in the area (urologists).

    Vasectomy Myths

    Vasectomy does NOT ….

    Changes the ability to have an erection
    Change ejaculation
    Affect your sexual performance
    Cause permanent damage to genital organs
    Make a man more feminine
    Cause cancer, cardiovascular disease or other unhealthy conditions.
    Change male hormones
    Change the voice
    Protect against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or HIV.
    Increases the risk of prostate cancer

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