Urinary incontinence

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What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a serious problem causing deterioration in a person’s quality of life, causing low self-esteem, shame, social isolation, decreased quality of life, excessive depression, etc. Urinary incontinence is characterized by the loss of involuntary urine. Unfortunately, this problem is quite common, much more in women than in men, however, few people bring to light this problem because of the shame or shame that this generates. Urinary incontinence currently affects 35 of every 100 people and 85% of these are women, the incidence of this disease increases with age. There are several factors that facilitate the appearance of this annoyance: In women, this disease becomes stronger with the passage of age, with the frequency of deliveries, lack of exercise, the consumption of coffee or tobacco, gynecological surgeries, diabetes, constipation, etc. All this results in a weakness of utmost importance in the pelvic floor. In men, urinary incontinence is caused primarily by urinary tract infections and secondly by obstruction of urine leakage, most commonly due to próstat growth and third in prostate surgery. En nuestra clínica somos especialistas en estas áreas, contamos con una amplia experiencia en este tipo de padecimientos que con ejercicios, medicamentos y cirugía se puede librar de ese gran problema y molestia de su vida.

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