Robotic surgery

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What is robotic urology?

Robotic urology is performed using the surgical system called Da Vinci, surgery can be applied in the following areas of the body:


Urinary Tract









The DA Vinci system consists of two main components: the console used by the surgeon and the patient carriage. The surgeon takes a seat in the console, which works by manipulating the controls. The patient carriage consists of four robotic arms, which are connected to a wide range of surgical instruments. One of the great advantages of this system is that the surgical instruments have a wide range of motion, designed with seven degrees of movement mimicking all movements of the hand of man and his wrist.

The system essentially eliminates the tremor, and maximizes the dexterity, precision and control of the operator. This gives a great advantage in urological oncology, where fine movements are highly necessary to preserve delicate neurovascular beams. This breakthrough in technology allows the surgeon to make hand movements synchronized with the movement of the robot and its instruments within the patient, ensuring successful and safe surgery. Another unique advantage of robotic urology is the on-site vision system, which allows the surgeon to see in 3d dimensions through the console, this provides image processing with a more accurate view of the surgical field, further helping the surgeon in the Delicate maneuvers, such as the preservation of nerves during prostatectomy and cystectomy.

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