Renal Cancer

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What is Renal Cancer?

Renal cancer occurs most often in people older than 40 years. The way this is presented at the beginning is silent and within the alarm signs mainly there is the pain of the lumbar area and the frequent bleeding in the urine, which can be evident to the naked eye or through a urine test. The types of surgery that can be offered to the patient are two: partial or complete nephrectomy and which is used depends on the volume of the tumor at the time of diagnosis. In either case, the laparoscopic approach is the best option, because the recovery that is offered to the patient is faster than with other surgeries, and with much less discomfort compared to open surgery, in which , to be able to reach the kidney, a rib must be removed. Contrary to open surgery, laparoscopic surgery requires only two 1 cm holes or two 5 mm holes. This surgery is approved by the American Urology Association, the European Urology Association, the American Confederation of Urology and the Mexican College of Urology, among other bodies of major importance at the global level that govern the guidelines of current treatments. The reason for removing only a part of the kidney in these cases that up to 30% of tumors of 4 cm or less (1 in 3) are benign, which makes it unnecessary to remove the entire kidney. In addition it is proven that partial nephrectomy has the same result in cancer control as complete nephrectomy (removing the whole kidney).

We present you the guidelines of renal cancer Treatment of the National Network of Cancer (NCCN) of the United States

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