Prostate diseases

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Major prostate diseases

There are three major prostate diseases: improper growth, prostate cancer, and prostate infection. The improper growth of the prostate is one of the most common diseases and also the most frequently presented in comparison with the other two, this is caused by the testosterone circulating in the blood and then be converted into its most potent form , the 5a-dihydrotestosterone, as well, the cells that make up the prostate feed and multiply causing an exaggerated growth and blockage of the urinary tract. The consequences of this obstruction can be very severe, such as irreversible damage to the kidneys causing kidney failure in the patient, severe urinary tract infections, bleeding in the urine, which if not treated can cause death, among others.Occasionally, the discomfort or symptoms that this disease causes may not be perceived by the patient, increasing risks by not treating in time. A very common annoyance that can be easily perceived is the difficulty and extra effort to urinate.

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