Prostate Cancer

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What is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer occurs in most cases in 1 out of 6 40-year-old men. Due to the high frequency, it is very important to detect this problem since before it gets worse, because if it is located with time, the prostatic surgery in more than 90% of the patients results, giving an end to this condition, contrary to what is generally thought about that E L Cancer can only be controlled for a while and eventually progresses or spreads. Here is the importance of attending with a urologist at least once a year, in order to detect serious illnesses in time and that these do not pass to older. Today, laparoscopic surgery presents many advantages: success of the operation in 90% of the patients, giving an end to this condition completely. Ambulatory in certain cases, this depends on the time the surgery was performed, the bleeding, age and the patient’s personal risks. Bleeding in this surgery is little, thus reducing the chances of transfusing the patient. In most cases, the patient enters and leaves the same day of the clinic, proving the efficacy of this technique. Subsequent discomfort is much less than with other types of surgery. The time the bladder catheter is removed is lower compared to open surgery.

We present the prostate cancer treatment guidelines of the National Cancer Network (NCCN) of the United States

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