Premature Ejaculation

In our clinic we have the mission to offer our patients a service of excellence, offer quality and warmth, always work with integrity offering experience in the treatment of premature ejaculation.

What is premature ejaculation?

There are different definitions for premature ejaculation: ejaculate with the minimum stimulus or long before you want it, before penetration or very shortly after having done, minimal or null control over this phenomenon and the presence of annoyance or stress. Ejaculating in a minute or so before, after vaginal penetration, inability to delay ejaculation in any or most vagianles penetrations, causing discomfort, stress, frutraciĆ³n, or even avoiding sexual intimacy. Ejaculation at a time of one minute or less after vaginal penetration. Studies and statistics prove that about 40% of the population perceives symptoms pertaining to premature ejaculation, of that 40% only 12% seek medical attention and of that 12% more than 95% end this problem. There is no reason for you not to be within that 95% that exceeds your premature ejaculation problem. In our clinic we have the experience to help you finish with this alteration that is so frustrating for you and your partner, from medical management to training in techniques that will make you delay the time of ejaculation as with the maneuver of Pamans or By means of the maneuver proposed by Masters and Johnson using the Bulbocavernoso reflex for the control of the orgasm.

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