Laparoscopic Urology

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    What is Laparoscopic Urology?

    Laparoscopy is the minimally invasive alternative to conventional open surgery in which a small camera called a laparoscope is used to see inside the abdomen.

    In Urology, this technique is used to treat kidney or prostate pathologies through different surgical procedures, such as surgery for prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer or kidney stones.

    What is the procedure?

    Laparoscopic surgery uses a thin tube called a laparoscope, which is inserted into the abdomen through a small incision, usually 0.5 to 1.5 cm. The laparoscope, in turn, has a camera attached to it that sends images to a monitor so the doctor can inspect the pelvic organs and, if necessary, insert other instruments to fix any problems.

    Among the main advantages of this type of surgery we can highlight: shorter hospitalization and recovery time, less chance of complications and infections, less postoperative pain, among others.

    All medical insurances are accepted.