Kidney Stones

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How severe are kidney stones?

The existence of stones in the kidney and urinary tract is, unfortunately, very common in both men and women, they can appear at any age, from childhood to old age. These produce a very intense pain, sometimes causing nausea and vomiting, damaging not the digestive system but the patient because of the intensity of the pain it causes. There are studies in which the intensity of pain caused by stones in the kidney has been measured and it has come to be considered as one of the strongest and most intense in the past even the pain caused by childbirth. In most cases, the pain is placed in the back below the last rib, advancing towards the side and descending to reach the lower abdomen, thus tracing a diagonal that reaches to the groin causing in the vast majority of the times bleeding by the O Rina (can be perceived at a glance or microscopic level). Currently, the use of large surgeries requiring large incisions is no longer required and causes a high level of bleeding and prolonged recovery to get rid of these stones, but our technology has advanced to such a degree that the stones They are treated with endoscopic and laser surgery, which does not require any incision, as it enters the patient’s body through natural orifices using advanced and flexible chambers to reach the stone and disintegrate. This method offers an incredible recovery, making the patient walk in and out of his surgery on the same day.

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