Genital wart removal

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    What is genital warts removal?

    Robotic or robotic surgery is surgery that is performed using specialized robot machinery. It is a very technologically advanced technique that allows the surgeon to carry out surgical procedures in a very precise way. It should be noted that this type of surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia.

    Robotic surgery in Urology is used as a treatment for prostate cancer (prostatectomy), kidney cancer (nephrectomy), bladder cancer, genital prolapse and urethral stricture, among other pathologies.

    What is the procedure?

    Robotic surgery is performed through specialized robots, such as the well-known Da Vinci robot.

    Once the patient is anesthetized and the access ports have been placed through small incisions in the skin, the robot is attached to these ports and the surgical instruments are inserted. These obey the surgeon’s hands and give him great freedom of movement, improving its quality, reducing tremor and increasing precision. The surgeon visualizes the patient’s interior in three dimensions, as if he were inside, thanks to a high-definition stereoscopic visualization system that allows the image to be enlarged in order to visualize the microscopic anatomy when necessary.

    The advantages of robotic surgery compared to traditional open surgery is that, by being able to make smaller and more precise incisions, the recovery time, as well as the pain associated with the surgical intervention, is less.

    All medical insurances are accepted.