Erectile dysfunction

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What is erectile dysfunction?

Just after 40 years of age more than half of men are highly prone to suffer from erectile dysfunction, but the reality is that no man should suffer this terrible problem. Currently it is believed to be something completely normal and for being sensitive subject many men deny the problem and never receive medical attention, However, erectile dysfunction is not normal and there is a solution to that. Erectile dysfunction causes traumatic problems in the patient, affecting so libido and sexual desire. With adequate treatment not only the patient manages to maintain an erection, but also gives an end to the decrease of sexual desire, mood swings, irritability and other problems associated with the patient’s self-esteem, that can be expanded when the proper diagnosis and treatment is not used, offering unwanted results. Diagnosis is the most important part, determining the origin of dysfunction is of utmost importance because otherwise the treatment is not successful, as there are various causes that give rise to erectile dysfunction, from low levels of testosterone, hypertension Arterial, Dyslipidemias, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, peripheral vascular, neurological, etc. When a correct diagnosis is made, the treatment can be started, it is divided into different phases depending on the doctor’s assessment. Medicines can be made to penile prosthesis surgeries by providing the patient with large permanent results.

The causes that give rise to erectile dysfunction can be classified as: Organic
: Of anatomical Origin
traumatic: As in cases of pelvic
fracture psychological: where affective factors, interpersonal problems, problems of Anxiety, among others.

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