Blood-free surgery

In our clinic we have the mission to provide our patients with a service of excellence, to offer quality and warmth, to always work with integrity offering experience in the treatment of blood-free surgery.

Benefits of blood-free surgery

Having a wide experience in this type of surgery and attending a large number of patients, in our clinic we promise to meet your medical needs with a great commitment.

We have the most modern medical preparation and equipment necessary to perform surgical procedures without the need for blood transfusions, as well as low-invasive procedures by means of laser, laparoscopy or endoscopy.

In our clinic we practice bloodless surgery thanks to uninvasive methods that we have practiced for several years and when it is required to perform blood extractions of the same patient before the operation to be this his own donor on the day of the Surgery.

Hospitals in the world who practice cutting-edge medicine have established medicine and surgery programs without blood transfusion for patients who reject transfusions for religious or other reasons, allowing to avoid risks of a reaction hemolytic, viral infections, or parasitic diseases from the donor.

Service of Excellence

In our clinic we treat you with quality and warmth.

Experts in the field

Our urologists are experts in the area and with years of experience

Experts in the field

We offer you domain in the field of robotic and laparoscopic urology

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